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basis software

from 129€* / month

Put an end to paper chaos: With Nelly, digital signatures, documents, and invoices in no time at all. Worry-free thanks to maximum security.

Interface to your practice management software
Contactless patient intake
Digital document handling
Available in over 30 languages
Available for all subject groups

29€ / month

*In case of direct interface to our partners, additional fees may apply
factoring service

Individual offer

Nelly is the first provider in the DACH region that can process factoring completely digitally (after a one-off wet signature in the practice).

Billing and KV factoring from a single source
Digital invoice dispatch - interface to your PVS
Automated credit check upon patient admission
Automated prepayment for bonus negative patients.
Default protection from the first euro
Secured liquidity hours after invoicing
Attractive installment options for patients
Personal support from our experts


Less paper, printing
and postage costs
90 Min
time saving
billing costs

Frequently asked questions

Do patients need to download an app to use it?

No, Nelly works with the web browser of the end devices.

Data protection: How secure is Nelly?

We at Nelly attach great importance to the topic of data protection. All data is encrypted and stored on German servers. All data that is generated belongs to the practice. For this we have passed a certification of the TÜV for tested data protection. Here you can find our TÜV certificate:

Will Nelly work with my practice management system?

Yes, Nelly is compatible with any practice management system thanks to its interfaces. With the help of these interfaces, images and documents can be stored directly in the patient file. For more information on the interface compatibility of your practice software and Nelly, we recommend a free consultation with one of our Nelly experts.

Is extra hardware necessary for Nelly?

No additional hardware, such as a tablet or signature pad, is required to use Nelly.

How can people who do not own a smartphone use Nelly?

Today, more than 90% of people in Germany already own a smartphone. Due to the Corona pandemic, scanning QR codes and filling out documents via one's own smartphone have arrived in the middle of society. However, a tablet can be added on request. This means patients only need a phone with text messaging capability. If patients do not have a smartphone at all, paper can still be used in addition to Nelly.

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